Packing, moving, or unpacking?

Does moving homes feel like a chaotic, stressful event? Let our team of professional organizers make your transition smooth and stress-free.

Don’t linger in transition. Get through your move quickly and efficiently… and get back to enjoying your life.

moving made organized

Maybe you’re still planning and preparing for your move. Perhaps you’re looking for help coordinating the big day. Or you might already be in your new home (and are sick and tired of looking at boxes!). 

Wherever you are in the moving process, we’re here to ensure your new house feels just like home.

pre-move: sort, purge, pack & stage


move day: planning, coordination, & support

post-move: unpack, organize, & systemize

furniture placement & decor arrangement

why hire organizers for your move?

There’s no doubt moving is a major life transition: You’re boxing up the pieces of your life, shifting them to a completely new location, and trying to rebuild on the other side. 

Of course, change can be stressful. Bringing in an organizer (or several) helps relieve the stress of moving. With a team of organizers on your side, moving in an organized way becomes a breeze.

Boxes are carefully packed and clearly labeled, with an inventory sheet to match. Move day feels more like a celebration than a whirlwind of chaos. And getting settled in your new home is quick, easy, and painless. 

Most importantly, you will feel confident your stuff is being handled with care – something most moving companies will never promise.

what will move organizing cost?

You may already be thinking about the costs associated with your move, such as hiring a moving company. You may be wondering if the added expense of getting help organizing your move is really necessary. 

As our clients have repeatedly told us, hiring an organizer is not a luxury. It’s a necessity if you have a picture of success in your mind but aren’t sure how to get there – which is the case for many people who are seeking help moving.

Of course the decision is always yours, but wouldn’t it be nice to know someone’s got your back during such a major life change? How would it feel to be able to trust that your stuff is being treated by someone who understands and actually cares about your treasures?

We value our clients tremendously, and we believe each moving or organizing project deserves customized care and attention.

Because every client and every move is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to move organizing. If the time has come to make your move, we’re happy to talk through options and pricing over a free, 20-minute conversation. Get started by calling 804.446.4624.

result: spaces that enrich your life

Words cannot express how fantastic this company is!! I recently moved and was incredibly overwhelmed with organizing all of my stuff. After searching and researching extensively in this area for an organizer, I came across theNeatNiche and am so happy I did! Erin and Heather had a clear vision of what was needed for my home and made it happen! They are super friendly, professional, non-judgemental and incredibly efficient. I am forever grateful for their help and would highly recommend this company for anyone ready to make a lifestyle change for the better!

Allison F.

Glen Allen, VA

let's tackle this together

We will get you started with a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your organizing goals.

quiet your space.

quiet your mind.

quiet your life.

areas we serve

Located in Richmond, Virginia, our professional organizers serve RVA (including Henrico, Chesterfield, and the city of Richmond) and the surrounding areas, including Glen Allen, Short Pump, Goochland, Hanover, Mechanicsville, Highland Springs, Chester, Iron Bridge, Colonial Heights, and Hopewell. Don’t see your area listed? We travel! Please get in touch.

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