Our clients are vastly different in ages, stages, life situations, and spaces, yet they share one desire: to enjoy life. Many were gracious in sharing their stories, in the hopes that you too would be inspired to live organized.

“Your session was akin to helping me unclog a drain that was backed up. The filing system remains in place 🙂 and I have delegated basic filing tasks so far.

Thank you so much for your help. If we need some additional assistance I will certainly reach out.”

Anthony D.
Richmond, VA

“Erin helped bring an organizing process to my business. Using her own carefully developed process, she took time to understand my unique needs and then went to work crafting a solution that continues to evolve as my needs continue to change. While she helps with the design and implementation, she teaches the principles so the process doesn’t become stagnant.

Erin is helpful and conscientious, always ready to offer additional assistance should it be necessary. I’ll call on her when it’s time to tweak the system, or I simply outgrow it. If you are struggling with time management or just a messy desk, I recommend a conversation with Erin or her team.”

Joe R.
Richmond, VA

My organizer was wonderful at helping me work through the clutter systematically and coming up with helpful tidbits and suggestions throughout the process!

Alice S.
Richmond, VA

“I had an amazing experience! The organizers in this company are extremely well trained. This company truly does provide an important service. When they come in your house they make you feel at ease and you do NOT feel like you are being judged at all!

Amanda helped me today tackle our junk room that I desperately needed cleaned so that I could have an office. She helped me feel at ease that 1. this was completely doable and 2. that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. She gave me an action list of things to take care of and she helped it not feel overwhelming.
This was an AMAZING experience and will 100% be using them again in the near future!”

Leana M.
Richmond VA

“I felt frazzled and disordered before, during I felt energized, after I feel proud and calm!”

Carrie C.
Midlothian, VA

“I had a great experience with Erin on 2 separate occasions. She came to my office to help organize my physical space first, then I asked her to come back for some assistance with e-mail and computer files. The change in my desk, bookcase, and filing cabinets still amazes me, and my students could not believe the before-and-after change to my office.

“Erin helped identify potential pitfalls and worked with me to create a new filing system for my physical and digital files that actually works for me. Of course, I found loads of old and unnecessary documents, but Erin was encouraging and understanding throughout the process. She has continued to hold me accountable, too, which I really appreciate.
I highly recommend Erin (and am looking forward to a refresher session in time for the new academic year)!”

Emily P.
Richmond, VA

“I’m so relieved now! Working with Erin has created more peace of mind for me. I was distracted and frustrated trying to find what I was supposed to work on – it was taking so long to find the stuff on my computer that I would just give up looking for it! Going through my emails was irritating… I knew things were falling through the cracks, but I didn’t know how much or how to fill the cracks until I worked with Erin on my new email and electronic filing system.

It’s so easy now – I actually WANT to work! I always know what I should be doing, and I can find what I need right away – it’s saved me 15 hours a week and thousands of dollars. I’m even making calls and following up – and I have three new clients and two new distributors on my team! I love my organizer!”

Eyvette T.
Richmond, VA

“Fox Richmond was fortunate to have theNeatNiche come to our station to help organize our sales team! Despite not knowing the TV business, Erin was able to quickly grasp the overall gist of what we do and how she could help us better serve our clients by being super organized.

She helped us create systems that allowed us to STAY organized and thought of ideas that some of us who have been in this world for 15 plus years hadn’t thought of.

theNeatNiche is a fantastic service that can help any business increase profitability by ensuring through organizational systems that nothing slips through the cracks.”

Jessica M.
Richmond, VA

“Erin was recommended to me by a friend. She knew that Erin could help me with my organization of time. I was spending a lot of time doing things, but not doing the right things when I needed to do them, so I was not moving the mark in my business. I was a bit skeptical, but I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

Within one three-hour meeting, Erin was able to design a daily schedule for me which consisted of designated time blocks for each type of task I needed to accomplish. After one week of following my new schedule, I already noticed a huge difference. One, I was much more relaxed knowing that each task had its own assigned time and thus would eventually get done during the week. Two, I got my weekends back! Because I was always moving my to-do list to the next day, which eventually ended up being the weekend, I would spend my weekends doing what I should have done during the week. Third, I am now doing the important things in a timely manner, which is moving the mark in my business! And finally and most importantly, Erin gave me permission to follow my new schedule 80% of the time, which gave me permission to fall off the schedule wagon (as a matter of fact she said it was going to happen) but to get back on as soon as possible and to not throw the whole plan away.

In retrospect, it was the best three hours I spent this year! I highly recommend Erin, her team, and their services.”

Mary M.
Richmond, VA

“I had spent my entire adult life living in a mess. I’d had people come in and help “straighten” things only to end up back where I was. I decided to call theNeatNiche “house maintenance.” I knew I could do something about it myself, but would I really? No. I would pay someone to paint my house, clean the gutter, etc. So, I hired theNeatNiche to help organize my house. This was the BEST thing I have ever done! Erin asked the right questions to help me determine what I needed to keep and what would be of better use in someone else’s house (or the trash). What I got rid of were items that I realized I really did not need.

My house is calmer, and when I get home and don’t face all the clutter, but the best part is that my house “works.” Everything is where it is convenient to use. I find I am using more of my things. Also, I’ve saved a ton of money. I don’t go to the store and re-buy what I already have. I know where everything is so it’s easy to take an inventory so I don’t have to rebuy. Also, I don’t go purchase new things as much because I know I already have something like it, or realize I really don’t have a place for it.

Since, my organizing sessions with Erin, I have been able to entertain often (which I LOVE). My kids and husband are now proud to bring people into the house. They are proud to be there.

There is a difference between organizing and straightening. And there is a difference between someone who knows how to organize and a professional organizer. Erin organized my house so it works for me! I highly recommend theNeatNiche for organizing. Your house will work better than ever!

P.S. It’s been 6 months and my house just keeps getting better!”

Darlene S.
Midlothian, VA

“theNeatNiche isn’t just an organizing company. It’s an avenue to upgrade your life, starting with the foundation of your thoughts and your stuff. Beginning six years ago now, theNeatNiche transformed how I run my family, my business, and my home.

From eliminating my incessant habit of purchasing of unhelpful containers to bringing me massive relief by teaching me that what I do habitually doesn’t have to fit into a specific box, I have gained massive clarity working with tNN team.

I have learned that systems are key AND that they will need to adapt when our family’s routines shift (through school years and seasonal changes). I know how to identify when a system is needed and how to create one. And I know if I need help, I can always call tNN. I can finally spend all of my time connecting with the people I love and projects I’m passionate about.

My whole family has benefited from the work of theNeatNiche, and we continue to love the tune-ups we get when we need an objective point of view. Thanks, tNN!”

Tasha S.
Glen Allen, VA

“When I first heard about an organizing specialist, I was a little skeptical. I am not a messy person, but after working in the same office for 7 years, I could see that my office had more piles that I really wanted. Erin asked a lot of questions, trying to get a better understanding of my business and how I worked before we even met.

She indicated our first session would be for 3 hours. I agreed and thought, we are not going to get much accomplished in 3 hours… but at least it was a start. I had no idea how efficient we would be in those 3 hours! We went through all the piles on the tables and desks, all the drawers in the desks and filing cabinets… When she left, I knew exactly where everything belonged and why. It was unbelievable.

People keep coming into my office and commenting on how organized and clean the office looks, but more importantly is how much better I feel – like a weight has been lifted off me. I can easily find things. I can focus on my tasks and can get a lot more accomplished, now that my office has an organizational sense. It works perfect for me. I’ve found that this system has made it easy to keep my things in order, because there is an immediately logical place for each item.

Erin is a professional organizer of the highest caliber, who meticulously studies, resolves and completes each task in the time period she allots herself with the utmost care. She is an innovative self-starter and an invaluable asset to anyone who needs order in their life and chaos out of their life. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend hiring her. I will most certainly hire her in the future for any of my organizational needs.”

James B.
Richmond, VA

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