Remote work isn’t going anywhere. 


    Neither are the headaches that come with it:
    • managing a remote team
    • dealing with distance learning
    • watching work and life collide in your home


    It is time for a better way. (Here’s how.) 

    so often it feels like…

    constant clutter…

    swirling thoughts…

    failing technology…

    never enough time…

    team disconnection…

    If that’s where you are, you are not alone.


    a new, better way of working from home

    You need a workflow built just for you, designed to support your unique needs and preferences.

    For over a decade, our compassionate team of organization experts has been creating effective, customized systems to support individuals, families, and teams.

    together, we will create your ideal workflow

    When your life and work collide in your “home office,” another productivity hack won’t cut it. Fortunately, complex problems don’t have to come with complex answers.

    You can work productively from home. Finding your Workflow from Home™ requires just three simple, straightforward steps.

    If you’ve been wondering how to…

    • Work productively… in a house full of distractions?
    • Organize both work and life… in one space?
    • Lead positively and confidently… in an unpredictable, chaotic world?


    It’s time to uncover your ideal Workflow from Home™.

    a life-changing experience

    We love what we do, and we know what it takes to make your spaces and your stuff work for you (not the other way around!).

    But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients’ five-star ratings speak for themselves.

    The solutions are PERMANENT! With tNN’s virtual coaching, I completely revolutionized my space into a clean, organized, joyful place.

    I’m able to focus and make decisions about what works best for me, in my space. I highly recommend this service! It will be life-changing. It has been life-changing for me.

    ~ DeLora L., Portsmouth VA

    theNeatNiche has been helping me organize my physical, electronic, and mental spaces for years now. They help you come up with a system that will work for you, so you can stick with it.

    I highly recommend Erin and theNeatNiche to everyone who wants to set up systems to keep their home and office running like a well-oiled machine!

    ~ Stacey S., Henrico VA


    theNeatNiche isn’t just an organizing company. It’s an avenue to upgrade your life, starting with  your thoughts and continuing through to your stuff.

    I have learned how to identify when a system is needed… Now I can spend all of my time connecting with the people I love and pursuing projects I’m passionate about.

    ~ Tasha S., Glen Allen VA

    Your ideal Workflow from Home™ happens when you align the Five T’s.

    No matter which area feels like your Achilles’ heel, our stellar team has you covered.

    I know I need it. Count me in!

    Remote work isn’t going away. Now is the time to rebuild your momentum and get back to achieving and succeeding in work and life.

    It all starts with your personalized Workflow from Home™ Assessment.

    quiet your space.

    quiet your mind.

    quiet your life.

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